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CLASS SNOW STATUS FOR January 23, 2016:


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• Sign up session 4: Deadline Saturday January 2nd. Classes run Tuesday: Jan 5 - Feb 23 and Saturday: Jan 9 - Feb 27 $165 for 8 weeks + $17 annual registration fee (good thru June 30 2016) Online registration.

Ice Show Playbill available.

• Mini Camp 12/29: 10:00a - 1:00p - $65 - Basic 2 and up. Attend the mini-camp over the holidays to improve your skating for the new year. Sign up online or contact Christina. Online registration.

• Sign up exhibition sync team Saturdays $100 for 7 weeks 12:35 off ice & 1:35 on ice. Skaters will work on a program as a synchronized team that they will perform at our ice shows and possible some smaller outside events.

• NEW!!!! Jr.Club off ice stretch & training class: $80 for 8 weeks. Tuesdays 6:00pm or Saturdays at 11:55pm. In this class we will work on your skaters flexibility and learn exercises off ice that will help to improve your skaters strength on ice. SIGN UP SESSION 4 AND RECEIVE $5 OFF YOUR REGULAR GROUP CLASS!!! (must have passed Basic 5)

• Freestyle Figure skaters come and skate Tuesday night Freestyle $17 from 7:30 - 8:30pm

• NEW!!! Sign up for Parent and Me class skaters must be 3 and 4 years old. Saturdays at 12:10am starting Sept 2014 Session 2

• Beginner Skater?, Sign up for Guided Practice, $10 per 8 week session (7 weeks session 1) This is offered during the practice ice for your beginner skater on tuesdays at 6:35 and saturday's at 12:15. An instructor will assist and supervise skaters during the practice ice time. Skaters must be enrolled in Basic 1 or Snowplow 1-3 to sign up.

• For online registration, please read the information on group lessons. If you are familiar with our program, you may jump directly to online registration.

• Book your birthday party with your favorite instructor! For Party details we suggest you book your party in person. To make arrangements contact The Rink (845) 353 4855

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